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Davido, Chioma and Peruzzi: The whole truth is finally out
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Davido, Chioma and Peruzzi: The whole truth is finally out

—Davido and Chioma have become the major talking point by every news website and probably the most discussed people at the moment on the social media at the moment.

—Davido and Chioma further fueled the rumour being spread on the social media about Peruzzi and Chioma to another height by unfollowing each other on Instagram.

—Nigerians have trooped out in their numbers to the social media to react to the supposed stunt by Chioma and the Adeleke son.

Many Nigerians, especially those who are lovers of Davido and Naija hip hop music went gaga hearing about the stunt pulled by their favourite artist and his wife today.


Many were not too happy with what really happened given what the long term implication could be for the two lovers who already have a son together and are even planning to get married legally to each other.

So currently the questions in the mind of Davido’s loyal fans are:

1. What truly happened? Why are they trending all over the places?

2. Was the reason for the trending true or false, is it just an allegation?

I will find a quick answer to these 2 questions now.

1.  What truly happened between Davido and Chioma, why are they trending?

So please pay very good attention now.


So what happened was that a guy commented about Davido that his loyal friend Peruzzi who initially allegedly claimed to be a cousin to Davido’s wife, Chioma is actually not her cousin.


So this claim has been the reason why the two popular Nigerians are trending everywhere on social media.

So this leads to the next question.

2.  Was the reason for the trending true or false, is it just an allegation?

Now, this is where we are going to. The biggest question in the mind of Nigerians.

Is Peruzzi actually Chioma’s cousin?


I really can’t say and it doesn’t seem so. But one thing I will like to say is that as a culture in Nigeria, people of the same tribe consider themselves as family members once they are outside their cultural confine.

So Peruzzi whose name is Victor Okohsaying that Chioma is his cousin is actually in no way out of place in my own opinion given that they are both Igbos by the tribe.

Say Peruzzi is actually not Chioma’s cousin, let’s say Peruzzi even lied, could it mean that they are both having an affair?


No! I disagree. I believe giving the fact that Peruzzi and Davido are very good pals. I trust Peruzzi wouldn’t want to do that.

In short, was it not the same Peruzzi and the likes of Poco Lee that were both filmed doing morning devotion some days ago at Davido’s house? You can check some of my posts on Opera news here to see. You can search for ‘Arcfunmi’ inside the Operanews app to find me and my articles.

Well, my conclusion is that the whole thing is a stunt and nothing more than that.

What is your take on the matter?

let everyone comment if you truly want the best for Davido.

Please do not just read make sure you comment too and share the article to those your friends who want to know everything about the whole matter.

Do not forget to follow me on Facebook as Arcfunmi and twitter as @Realgists for my latest articles. Make sure you follow me here on Operanews too. See you soon. Thanks for reading.


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