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What is a Social Media Relationship Normalization and Why Is It Important For My Personal Life or MY Business ?
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What is a Social Media Relationship Normalization and Why Is It Important For My Personal Life or MY Business ?

It’s safe to say that we live in the era of big Relationships especially on social media facebook believes we are to not have more than 5000 friends ! but who really has that ?. But daily we are Collecting, storing, and analyzing social media information.It has become a top priority for people, which means that companies are building and utilizing Relationships databases to handle all that huge Relationships matrix. In the ongoing effort to use big Relationships data, you may have come across the term “Relationships dating normalization.” we just invented it here on  🙂 Understanding this term and knowing why it is so important to personal and business operations today can give a company a human or any social entity a real advantage as we go further in-depth with big Relationships in the future and the growing phenomenon of Black Hole Big Data that is data that is there but you cant see it because it has eaten you up !

What is Relationships Normalization?

It is a fact of the internet that every click, every view and every sign-up is recorded somewhere.

We come across all sorts of interesting stats about social media platforms and users, so we’ve collated the best of them in this bumper facts list. And it comes as a great fact sheet to give context to your social media influencing and diva  OLP marketing efforts or world domination narcisstic narco pet project you got running on the side lol .

For the curious, these represent a series of numbers that boggle the mind, users counted in tens and hundreds of millions, and time in millions and billions of hours. For marketers, knowing the statistics behind the social networks can inform strategy and spend, allowing focused targeting of users.

see below for stats 

So what is normalized Relationships in the first place? A Relationships normalization definition isn’t hard to find, but settling on a specific one can be a bit tricky. Taking into account all the different explanations out there, Relationships normalization is essentially a type of process wherein Relationships within an online Relationships data base like facebook twitter is reorganized in such a way so that users can properly utilize that Relationships website or database for further queries and analysis to get premium results and profits.

Relativity and Gravity had a hard time getting to know each other but Newton and Einstein knew Quantum Mechanics would eventually come and do away with them all but still keep them as legal advisers 🙂

Same thing about social media data normalization    🙂  

There are some goals in mind when undertaking the Relationships normalization process. The first one is to get rid of any duplicate Relationships that might appear within the Relationships set or lets say your list of friends or pages you interact with daily. This basically goes through the Relationships database and eliminates any redundancies that may occur.What is a redundancy relationship .

lets say you have two friends who are great Lawyers and make posts on the law daily that you enjoy but one of them also loves pornography and is always sending you sick porn photos when you least expect it . lets say if you liked sick porn you wont be calling him a redundancy but if you dont ? Voila !

Redundancies can adversely affect analysis and understanding of Human Relationships since they are values which aren’t exactly needed.I call them REDS ! Expunging them from the Relationships database you own as in your wall on social media helps to clean up the Relationships, RELS  making it easier to analyze.

The other goal is to logically group Relationships together. You want Relationships that relates to each other to be stored together. A Relationships database which has undergone Relationships normalization will see this occur. If Relationships is dependent on each other, they should be in close proximity within the Relationships set. Lets say your niece from your brother invites you to this teenage group you like am sure you would love to invite your nephew from your sister to that facebook snapchat group also !

With that general overview in mind, let’s take a closer look at the process itself. While the process can vary depending on the type of Relationships database you have and what type of information you collect, it usually involves several steps. One such step is eliminating duplicate Relationships as discussed above. Another step is resolving any conflicting Relationships.


Sometimes, Relationships sets will have information that conflicts with each other, so Relationships normalization is meant to address this conflicting issue and solve it before continuing. You have two great friends but they dont see eye to eye and always create great tension on your posts or posts you comment on these are confilcting you dont need that stress except you are Oprah Winfrey or Jerry Springer !

A third step is formatting the Relationships. This takes Relationships and converts it into a format so that further processing and analysis can be done.

Finally, Relationships normalization consolidates Relationships, combining it into a much more organized have just met someone on facebook you are single and they are single you are interested but have no idea if they are so what do you do you consolidate and re organize that relationship !

Think of the state of big Relationships today and how much of it consists of unstructured  dirty Relationships. Organizing it and turning it into a structured form is needed now more than ever, and Relationships normalization helps with that effort.

The Importance of Online Relationships Normalization

Now that you know the basics of what is normalizing Relationships, you may wonder why it’s so important to do so. Put in simple terms, a properly designed and well functioning Relationships online database should undergo Relationships normalization if it wants to be used successfully. Relationships normalization gets rid of a number of online anomalies  like trolls narcos narcissists or ralph who once broke the internet   lol

that can make analysis of the Relationships more complicated. Some of those anomalies can crop up from deleting Relationships, inserting more information, or updating existing information. Once those errors are worked out and removed from the system your system, further benefits can be gained through other uses of the Relationships and Relationships analytics.

Indeed, it is usually through Relationships normalization that the information within a Relationships database can be formatted in such a way that it can be visualized and analyzed. Without it, a person can collect all the Relationships 100,000 page likes 5,000 friends 3m followers it wants, but most of it will simply go unused, taking up space and not benefiting you in any meaningful way. Until you realise maybe i can become a SMI or social media influencer or OLP Online Personality !

And when you consider how much money businesses are willing to invest in gathering Relationships and designing Relationships databases, not making the most of these Relationships can become a serious detriment if and when the time comes.

More Benefits of Relationships Normalization

Simply being able to do Relationships analysis more easily is reason enough for us to engage in Relationships normalization. There are, however, many more reasons to perform this process, all of them highly beneficial. One of the most notable is the fact that Relationships normalization means Relationships databases take up less space.


A primary concern of collecting and using big Relationships is the massive amount of memory needed to store it well facebook and twitter are not complaining but what about you ? can you remember Solomons Sons name from your 20,000 followere . While storage options have become bigger and more efficient with advances in technology, we now find ourselves in a time when gigabytes, terabytes, and larger simply aren’t cutting it anymore. As such, finding ways to decrease disk space is a priority for Social Media Companies , and Relationships normalization can do that for you too ! Time is coming when the number of photos we can post per day will be reduced to a fixed amount .

Taking up less disk space is great on its own, but that also has the effect of increasing performance. A Relationships database that isn’t bogged down by loads of unnecessary information means Relationships analysis can happen more quickly and efficiently. If you’re struggling with your Relationships analytics, you’ll definitely want to consider Relationships normalization for your Relationships other words two is company but 3 is a crowd pr 200 is friendly but 300,000 is a ????

The benefits of Relationships normalization go beyond disk space and its related effects. By engaging in this process, you’ll find it easier to change and update Relationships within your Relationshipsbase. Since the redundancies and errors are absent, the Relationships is much cleaner and you won’t have to mess around with it as you modify information.

Many people use the Relationships in their Relationships data base to look at how to improve their social media presence if you are an individual it really should not bother you but if you are a small business or a startup individual entrepreneur . This can become a complex task especially if the Relationships they have comes from multiple sources.

Perhaps a company has a question about sales numbers that relates to social media engagement with customers. The Relationships comes from different sources, so cross-examining them can be challenging, but with Relationships normalization, that process is easier. Answer the questions that you have more quickly and know that the Relationships you’re working with is accurate.

That’s still only the beginning of the benefits of Relationships normalization. If you use a variety of Software-as-a-Service applications eg facebook or twitter only that may be fine but what if , for example, you can consolidate and query Relationships from those applications with ease. If you need to export your logs likes and timeline data from a social media location, then you can do so without having any repeated Relationships values.

You can visualize Relationships from any human intelligence tools you have along with reports and analytics platforms. The usefulness of Relationships normalization can’t be understated.

To go along with those benefits, Relationships normalization can also be of great use to certain people. If you happen to be heavily involved in gathering, managing, and organizing Relationships, you’ll definitely want to take full advantage of Relationships normalization. The same goes for those who need to perform statistical modeling for the Relationships they have as part of their job or in essence social media presence.

In other words, Relationships scientists and business analysts have a lot to gain from using the Relationships normalization process. Do you spend a lot of your time working with business models online ? You may benefit from this process as well. The same goes for those who work with Relationshipsbase maintenance, ensuring everything is running smoothly on that front. In fact, pretty much anyone involved in Relationships and analysis will find Relationships normalization to be extremely useful.

Relationships normalization should not be overlooked if you have a Relationshipsbase, which goes for almost every business out there at this point. It’s an important strategy that is almost necessary now as people collect and analyze Relationships on a scale never seen before. Web Relationships Integration platform helps people to extract and normalize web Relationships,we start with people who work with you and then utilise applications to finetune your social media dataabse making it immediately ready to integrate into their social and businesses processes.

Sign up for a Free today to use our SaaS Someone As A Service one on one tool to acquire web Relationships yourself and talk to a Relationships expert to see how can manage and deliver social web Relationships for you.

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and was re adapted from various online sources by our editor abiel john balogun aka weboga !  your friendly web ogre 🙂


Social media statistics

  • For context, as of January 2019, total worldwide population is 7.7 billion
  • The internet has 4.2 billion users
  • There are 3.397 billion active social media users
  • On average, people have 5.54 social media accounts
  • The average daily time spent on social is 116 minutes a day
  • 91% of retail brands use 2 or more social media channels
  • 81% of all small and medium businesses use some kind of social platform
  • Internet users have an average of 7.6 social media accounts
  • Social media users grew by 320 million between Sep 2017 and Oct 2018.
  • That works out at a new social media user every 10 seconds.
  • Facebook Messenger and Whatsapp handle 60 billion messages a day
  • When asked 81% of teenagers felt social media has a positive effect on their lives

User numbers

4Chan: 22 million

Airbnb: 150 million users

Facebook: 2.320 billion users

Flickr: 90 million users

Google+: 111 million users (RIP)

Instagram: 1bn users

LinkedIn: 610 million users

MySpace: 15 million users

Periscope: 10 million users

Pinterest: 250 million users

Reddit: 542 million users

Snapchat: 186 million daily users

Twitter: 326 million users

Wechat: 1.12 billion users

Weibo: 600 million users

WhatsApp: 900 million users

Youtube: 1.5 billion users

Read more


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