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What Are Psychic Orgasms & How Can You Have One?
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What Are Psychic Orgasms & How Can You Have One?

When I first heard about psychic orgasms[1], I thought it was just a bunch of weird hippie crap. However, after looking into it further, I’m now convinced it’s the missing piece to my sex life. Here’s what you need to know about them and how you can have one.

Psychic orgasms are also known as psycholagny. No, this isn’t some random, pop-sex trend, it’s an actual branch of sexology that has been written about and studied by sexologists in universities around the country. Psycholagny is basically turning someone on or giving someone/yourself an orgasm without the need for physical touch and through thought alone.

It’s the same as a wet dream[2]. Some people think that wet dreams are strictly reserved for the boys, but I’ll straight up admit that I’ve had one before and I know many of other women who have. It’s totally a thing! So how is it that we can wake up from a dream totally hot without laying a finger on our privates? The power of the mind. If you really focus and let your imagination guide you to wild places, you’ll end up with a psychic orgasm. It takes a lot of brain power, but just like a dream, it can come true.

Both girls and guys can do it. You’ve probably heard time and time again that girls need more mental stimulation to orgasm than guys, and that’s certainly true. That being said, men can have psychic orgasms too and it’s been observed that orgasming this way (for a man) can give an energizing effect as opposed to making him sleepy. Very interesting…

Meditation can help you get there. If you want to get really good at a no-hands orgasm, look no further than sitting, alone, thinking about nothin. In other words, try meditation[3]. Psychic orgasming is practiced in “Tantra,” which is also called sacred sex. Clearing your mind and focusing on your body will not only make your regular sex-ventures that much more satisfying, it will also get you that much closer to achieving the elusive psychic orgasm.

The technique is used heavily in the BDSM community. It doesn’t sound very hardcore, but trust me, it is. Those in the BDSM community often have fetishes for giving or receiving psychic orgasms. The idea of going hands-free is super sexy to some people. It’s a different level of control that’s beyond the physical body.

It’s great for those who have a naturally low libido[4]. If your sex life has been a little dull lately, practicing psychic orgasms can turn it all around. Maybe let your partner know that you’ll be mentally checked out during your lovemaking sessions, at least once or twice (might not be a good thing long-term). You’ll be pleasantly surprised at how turned on you’ll feel.

All you need is yourself and your thoughts. Some women think of sexy thoughts or scenarios while others will imagine pleasant, calming imagery while they focus on their genitals. It’s all about the mind-body connection and how “aware” you are of your genitals, if that makes sense…

You’ve been close to doing it if you like dirty talk. If you’re already turned on by dirty talk, you’ve already practiced psychic orgasming. It’s the idea of thoughts affecting a person’s level of arousal. If your partner’s whispering turns you on and he’s not even touching you, you’ll be a great candidate for psychic orgasms!

It’s not just for hippies. I know the term “psychic orgasm” sounds crunchy as hell, but it’s not just for hippies, I swear. It’s for anyone who has an imagination. If you think sexy thoughts for long enough, you’re going to come. That’s the theory behind these brain-powered orgasms. It’s simple and anyone can do it.

You need to have really good concentration to get there. If you’ve never done a body scan or grounding meditation, look into those things. They will help you strengthen the mind-body connection, which is crucial for a hands-free orgasm.

Moving around helps. If you have the urge to writhe your body around on the bed while you’re deep in sexy thought, do it! It’ll make the orgasm happen quicker. You might get to a point where your body has no choice but to move and this is a great sign. Just try to let go and let your natural urges guide you.

Incorporating Kegels is a must. I had a friend who said she gave herself an orgasm on the beach by doing Kegels[5]. Even though they’re sorta cheating since they stimulate the inner walls of the vagina, it’s barely a thing. Give yourself a couple pumps under there to get the ball rolling. No one has to know!

Relaxation is key. You can’t really have a psychic orgasm in order to relax—you already need to be in that state of total and incredible bliss in order for it to happen. This is why meditation is so important!

Jennifer Lee[6] Jennifer is a playwright, dancer and theatre nerd living in the big city of Toronto, Canada.


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