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Beating Senator Ekweremadu Abroad – Jungle or Justice ? AN EXTREME NATIONAL DISGRACE TO THE ELITES, NOT TO THE POOR.

Twitter › toluogunlesi
tolu ogunlesi

Attack on Sen Ekweremadu in Germany by miscreants allegedly from IPOB totally condemnable. Equally unacceptable are the justifications for this attack currently circulating on social media. If you’ve tried justifying it, shame on you. Violence should never be acceptable.
1 hour ago
Profile picture for Abike Dabiri-Erewa
Twitter › abikedabiri
Abike Dabiri-Erewa

I condemn in its entirety the attack on former DSP Ike Ekeremadu at an event in Nuremberg . Germany ,nobly put together by Ndi Igbo Germany. where he was attacked. I hope the culprits, some of whom have been arrested, will face consequences for their shamefully pathetic actions
15 hours ago
Profile picture for Nedu Ekeke #BBOG
Twitter › Nedunaija
Nedu Ekeke #BBOG

Just saw the video of Igbos in Germany beating up Ike Ekweremadu. “Ibiara iri ji, rigbukwee onwe gi na ji!’ 😀😀😀😀😀😀. Seems Nigerians in diaspora want to start teaching these people one or two lessons.
16 hours ago


We actually concur with what this woman said.. beating a Nigeria senator abroad is really a national disgrace. An extreme embarrassment not to the poor masses but to the elites, thieves, cabals and kleptomaniac rulers who systematically, religiously and intentionally destroyed their homes and make abroad their havens. The real national disgrace is when bunch of idiots and airheads who only sits to discuss and fight over supremacy are given half of a nation budget as salaries and bonuses and the real workers or labourers are given pittance as salaries, and they are still owed months unpaid salaries. The real national disgrace is when a government systematically destroyed their education system to send their kids to school abroad, and leave the poor masses to wallow in ignorance and illiteracy in order to keep holding them hostage. The real national disgrace is when government officials neglect their medical centers or hospitals and flies themselves and family abroad for treatment. The real national disgrace is when terrorists are being granted amnesty and innocent and peaceful protesters are labelled terrorists group. National disgrace is when police who suppose to secure lives and properties pay Ransoms to kidnappers to bail their senior officer.. It’s a national disgrace for a country that spends billions of dollars on power and yet can’t boast of 10hrs electricity daily.. and many more.. It’s even a continental an unbearable and extreme disgrace for a country who has been branded giant of a continent turns the continent failed assets.


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