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Bishop Oyedepo also Slapped Young Girl in Church, Nothing Happened ! Her Lawyer Robert Igbinedion Was Fined vs Senator Elisha & Uzoma Okere’s Legacy , Nigerian Women have been Under Attack by Powerful Men in public and Private Popular Slaps Reloaded !

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if nigerians can scream about Pastor Biodun Fatoyinbos Sexual assault many years ago on Popular Photographer and Musical Celebrity Crooner’s Wife Timi Dakolo



and Now Trending Senator Elisha Assault on Sex Shop Assistant Bibra caught on tape

They should be reminded about the not so distant past of Crimes of other POWERFUL MEN ON WOMEN !

About Ten Years Ago

LAGOS – The Nigerian Navy and one of its officers, Rear Admiral Harry Arogundade, who were ordered by a Lagos High Court alongside four others to pay N100 million as damages for assaulting one Miss Uzoma Okere have urged the Court of Appeal Lagos to stay the execution of the High Court judgment pending the final determination of their appeal


watch famous video here
Bishop Oyedepo also Slapped Young Girl in Church, Nothing Happened ! Her Lawyer Robert Igbinedion Was Fined vs Senator Elisha

until today nigerians dont know for sure the outcome of this case after the naval  appeal was denied

Nothing has been heard from Uzoma Okere If She was Paid the full Damages

It will be recalled that four naval ratings – C.I. Jeremiah, S.A. Bullem, S.A. Kaniga and Francis Okolaogu – assaulted Miss Okere and Abdulazeez on November 5, 2008, for delaying them in traffic on Muri Okunola Street, Victoria Island, Lagos while on the convoy of the Rear Admiral Harry Arogundade.


guess what happened ?

The Ogun State High Court sitting in Ota, on Thursday, dismissed the assault charges brought against Bishop David Oyedepo, the multi billionaire founder of the Living Faith Church International.

Justice Mobolaji Ojo, the presiding judge, while describing the applicant, Robert Igbinedion’s, applications as “lacking in merit”; added that the court cannot act on “ghost victims.”

He also told Mr. Igbinedion  HER LAWYER to pay the sum OF  N20,000 to Bishop Oyedepo ! THE ACCUSED !

In his ruling, Justice Ojo said that Mr. Igbinedion, in his applications, did not claim to have attended the church service in which the young lady was slapped.

Also, the applicant did not claim that he was told by someone who attended the service or state the date the incident happened.

The judge struck out the applications.

“There must be an allegation by the victim whose right was violated,” said Justice Ojo.

“It is such a person that has the right of action…

“My respectful opinion is that where the course of action is exercised by a person other than the victim…

“It follows that in all cases, the owner of the identity must be available to the court. He must not be amorphous.

“Who is Miss Justice? How is she?… The court must be able to ascertain and not be left to speculate on the identity.”


The judge also struck out the applicant’s prayer to the court to award N2billion against Bishop Oyedepo.

“If I may ask, if this action succeeds, who is the beneficiary?”

Reacting to the ruling, David Olushola, one of the counsels to Bishop Oyedepo, described it as a “watershed judgment.”

“It is a landmark judgment. It shows that the judge have done a lot of work, researching into the depths of the case,” Mr. Olushola told PREMIUM TIMES outside the court.

“We had no doubts in our minds that the case will fail, ab initio there were no facts for the case.

“So the judge has only confirmed that he is a man that you can look up to.

“Apparently, the matter was out to discredit a very well known man of God, just to rubbish his name that he earned by a dint of hard work.”

Mr. Olushola added that they were expecting the applicant to file his appeal.

“We are prepared at any level to meet him. We have gotten the victory in the first leg, the second leg will be a walk over.”

Mr. Igbinedion said that the judge’s ruling was “according to his own belief.”

“But nonetheless, we are not deterred. This is not the final court. We still have the Court of Appeal as well as the Supreme Court which we intend to pursue the matter to,” Mr. Igbinedion said.

Mr. Igbinedion further said that Bishop Oyedepo’s victory was based on technicalities rather than merit.

“Tomorrow we are petitioning the police to arrest and prosecute Bishop David Oyedepo. The slap is a crime under the Nigerian law.”

Robert Igbinedion, a Lagos based lawyer who filed the suit on behalf of the young lady, had asked the court to award N2billion as ‘general and exemplary damages’ against the flamboyant pastor among other reliefs.

Mr. Oyedepo was named the richest pastor in Nigeria last year by Forbes magazine with an estimated worth of over N20billion.

During the hearing of the case, Dele Adesina, counsel to Bishop Oyedepo, had complained to the court that they did not have a photograph and the video where the Bishop slapped the young lady.

Mr. Adesina had argued that there was nothing to show that the young lady who was slapped in the video – who had been dubbed ‘Miss Justice’ in the course of the suit – is a living person.

“There is nothing to show in the application that ‘Miss Justice’ is a living and existing person entitled to claim under the provisions of the 1999 Constitution,” Mr. Adesina said.

“We humbly submit that ‘Miss Justice’ is a fictitious person, not capable of being represented in court.

“For the applicant to establish that he is suing on behalf of another person, that person must be determinable and identifiable,” he added.

On his part, Mr. Igbinedion asked the court to grant him all his reliefs since the respondents, in denying that the young lady was slapped, had failed to help the court arrive at justice.

“The respondents rather chose to lay their defence on all imaginable legal technicalities without attacking or denying the several damaging allegations,” said Mr. Igbinedion.

The lawyer also noted that the judge held that the victim of the slap was a ‘fictitious character’ who is non-existent and has no standing,

In that judgement, the judge asked: “Who is Miss Justice, how old is she, what is her standing in life, what are her particulars? The court must be able to ascertain and cannot be left to speculate on the identity of the person whose right is being sought to be enforced by declaratory orders, award of damages and injunctive orders. The court cannot issue and make order in favour of a ghost victim/applicant. If I may ask, should this action succeed, who is going to be the beneficiary of the monetary award sought.”
Mr. Igbinedion in the appeal suggested that that view, by the judge is irrelevant, discriminatory and deliberately calculated to arrive at a favourable decision.

He wrote: “The Appellant has by his further and better Affidavit given many privileged reasons why he cannot disclose the complete identity of the victim to prevent her from further harm.


references  nigeria premium archive search engine


Story image for oyedepo slap from P.M. News

Oyedepo Wins N2b Slap Case

P.M. News12 Jul 2012
In December last year, a YouTube video of Bishop Oyedepo viciously slapping a young lady who admitted that she was “a witch for Jesus”





Uzoma Okere: Navy, Arogundade appeal judgment ON MARCH 7, 20119:03 PMIN NEWSBY ALEXSAMADECOMMENTS By Innocent Anaba LAGOS – The Nigerian Navy and one of its officers, Rear Admiral Harry Arogundade, who were ordered by a Lagos High Court alongside four others to pay N100 million as damages for assaulting one Miss Uzoma Okere have urged the Court of Appeal Lagos to stay the execution of the High Court judgment pending the final determination of their appeal. The lower court had in a judgment delivered by Justice Opeyemi Oke in the suit by Uzoma Okere against the appellants, ordered them (Navy, Rear Admiral Harry Arogundade and four naval ratings) to pay N100 million as damages for violating Okere‘s fundamental human rights.

Nigeria: At Last, Justice for Uzoma Okere

Lagos — Justice finally came the way of Miss Uzoma Okere and Abdulahi Abdulazeez as the Lagos High court on January 27 ordered Rear Admiral Harry Arogundade and the Nigerian Navy to pay both citizens a whopping N100 million as damages for illegally assaulting them and inflicting bodily injuries on them in fragrant violation of their fundamental human rights.

We recall that on November 3, 2008 along Muri Okunola Street, Victoria Island, Lagos, Rear Admiral Arogundade ordered the six naval ratings attached to him to mercilessly beat up, dehumanize and completely humiliate lady Okere and Abdulazeez for not promptly vacating the highway to make way for his convoy of vehicles cruising at top speed along the said street. In obedience to the superior order, the six naval ratings hit lady Okere several times with their gun butts, whipped her with their horsewhip before finally descending to inflict bodily injuries on her. They also gave her a red eye. As if that was not enough, they stripped her naked and subjected her to public mockery, odium, shame and disgrace undeserving of the dignity of womanhood. Hear lady Okere: “We were on traffic. I heard a siren behind me. One of them came out to control the traffic. I was moving to the left when he suddenly pulled me out. They dragged me into the house, tore my clothes. I was beaten up mercilessly. My head is really swollen with bruises all over me”.

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