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Self Proclaimed ‘Modern-day Jesus’ is on a mission to share his ‘strong sperm’ & Have Sex with Prospective Moms


Kyle Gordy is a self-proclaimed “modern-day Jesus” who travels this great nation to impregnate scores of women with his “strong sperm.”

The 27-year-old Los Angeles native started his mission in 2014 and has since sired 18 babies — with seven more on the way — all around the country, from Alaska and Colorado to Texas and Kansas. (Yes, the moms pay his travel costs and Dubai, the UK and Australia are on his international “wish list.”)

It all started when he decided his super spunk was just too special to keep to himself. So, like the modern man he is, Gordy first advertised his gift on Craigslist. Within two weeks, he made his virgin offering to a local woman via artificial insemination.

“I was going to apply to a sperm bank, but the whole thing just felt so cold and clinical,” he tells Caters News. “My sperm is much better than what is in a sperm bank, as it’s strong and fresh during the donation, while I also do it all for free.”

With one successful pregnancy in the bag, Gordy says word of his gratis goods spread — and soon he was being inundated with requests and referrals from women ages 18 to 42. (Note: He gives away what earns some men up to $1,500 a month from the Manhattan/California Cryobanks.)

Gordy says his super seed is fueled by organic food and 18 different herbs and supplements a day. The nonsmoker also claims he never drinks alcohol or uses drugs — and shares totally anecdotal tips for maximizing fertility on his website, BePregnantNow.

Enlarge ImageKyle Gordy hits the playground with one of his 18 kids.Gordy hits the playground with one of his kids.Caters News Agency

“I need to keep myself healthy, so I have the best sperm,” he says. “I have no idea why a woman would want to use a sperm bank when she could just use me. The specimens at a bank could be sitting there for years. You don’t really know what you’re getting.”

Oh, and about that whole second coming of Christ thing.

“People have called me a modern-day Jesus, and I have to agree with that,” Gordy says. “I’m very generous and giving — and the fact that I’m Jewish while Jesus was also Jewish.”

This modest fella says he always dreamed of having lots of children, but after a few failed relationships, he decided to go solo. Also, he’s turned off by high divorce rates and the responsibility that comes with monogamy.

He has met four of his offspring, though, and trades photos with his various baby mamas via a Facebook group.

“Kids are a huge responsibility, and I think that is too much for me to handle,” he says. “So now I can have kids and help women at the same time.”

Oh, and about 25 percent of the time he gets lucky — six of his 18 spawn were conceived through actual sexual intercourse.

“Some women don’t want to do artificial insemination as they don’t want to waste time and they feel it will be most effective if we do it the old-fashioned way,” says Gordy, who claims he never has sex for pleasure — only for donations.

“They will ask if we can just have sex, and I’ll tell them I’m up for it and we exchange STD tests … Obviously, I’m a guy, so it is fun to do it that way if we both like each other.”

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